Agreement on working activity (Czechia)

An agreement on working activity is usually entered into between an employer and a high school/university student in the Czech Republic. However, other uses are possible as this agreement can be used in situations such as part time work of various forms. 

An agreement on working activity can only be entered into with certain limitations. Based on such an agreement, it is impossible to perform work exceeding 20 hours per week on average. This average is assessed for the full time of which the agreement has been concluded, but should not be longer than for 52 weeks.

A feature of this agreement is the possibility of quick and simple termination using a termination without a reason within 15 days’ notice period, starting on the day when such termination notice has been delivered to the other party.

Title Language Jurisdiction
Dohoda O Pracovni Cinnosti (.docx)
Czech CZ

In Slovakia, an agreement on working activity has slightly different elements.