At Sparring we have created the Sparring Playbook, the first legal guide for early-stage businesses and start-ups with global ambitions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In the Sparring Playbook, you can find 9 complex legal manuals to get you through legal areas you will probably encounter at an early stage of your business. Our guide is not a textbook, but it is shaped by experience and complemented with practical advice, templates of legal documents, blogs, podcasts, and useful links. It is the first legal open-source library. 🙂

We have prepared the Sparring Playbook in cooperation with our partners from the innovation ecosystem.

Sparring is convinced that the legal strategic know-how we are providing you, has become publicly owned and should be freely spread. Here is an opportunity to load up with our arsenal, so you will not be second best. At the same time we believe that if you consider legal issues in the beginning, you will prevent many complications and disputes in the future. At the end of the day, we want to allow you to focus fully on your business and not be unnecessarily interrupted. This way we can help thousands of innovative ideas from home to succeed in a global market.

If you do not find answers here, please contact us. Sparring was established in order to help you in the legal and financial field and also with investments in your business.

Thanks to the support of our clients, the development of our own legal tech products, and the participation in many education programs across Europe, at Sparring we have grasped the pitfalls of a digital business. We are happy to share our knowledge with you! 🙂

Wishing you the best on your way to success!

Majo Porvažník & Marek Križka

Co-Founders, Sparring

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