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Data Tracking with Daniar Rusnak (Savvy with Sparring)

Learn more about data tracking and data protection in our latest episode with Daniar Rusnak, Co-Founder of DataCop.

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Rasto Ivanic on Sustainable Growth for Startups

While many startups believe in scaling fast and sourcing finance quickly, other companies decide to…

Podcast Spotify (5)

Daniel Hastik On Startup Mergers, Acquisitions and Exits

New week, new Savvy with Sparring episode. This time Annabel spoke with Daniel Hastik, an…

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Jaroslav Lupták on What to Consider Before Seeking External Investment

Think you are ready for pre-seed or seed funding?  In this week’s Savvy with Sparring…

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Startup Rules Make Good Friends

Think a founder’s agreement is not important? We explore why having a SHA in place is important and what that it is in the latest podcast episode.

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A Startup Law Podcast: Welcome to Savvy with Sparring

The Playbook has a podcast! Marian and Marek discuss which issues founders are facing, and why they knew Playbook would be a solution…

Being Secure On-line


The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR“) and the California Consumer Protection Act 2018 (“CCPA“) have…


Convertible Loan vs. Equity Round

1. Direct Entry into the Company Typical for investment rounds at a later stage. The…


Investment Rounds

According to the stage in which the startup currently is, we can distinguish 6 basic…


Unregistered Labour in the Slovak Republic

Unregistered labour (sometimes called illegal labour or the ‘schwartz system’) is a work that meets…