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Legal Startup Lab

A 7 week program with a session weekly, starting at the end of February 2023

Free online course for students

When will the course start and how long will it be? 

  • A 7 week program with a session weekly, starting at the end of February 2023
  • The course will usually take place  in the evening

What should I expect to learn?

  • understanding cross jurisdictional startup law and combining knowledge from the US, UK, SK and CZ
  • preparing and negotiating documentation as well as related communication with startups
  • learning relevant principles and frameworks to solve and identify practical problems, that startups face at different stages of development, from ideation to exit
  • developing a growth mindset to managing legal matters inside a startup
  • understanding the important types of corporate transactions, exploring their core structures, shared features, and common problems

Is this course right for you?

This course is designed for students who have an interest in entrepreneurship, innovation, and social impact, and who want to understand the legal aspects of creating and running a startup, such as choosing a business structure, protecting intellectual property, raising funds, hiring employees, and complying with regulations…

Who will I be learning from?

Learn the world of startup law from technology lawyers who have assisted over 100+ startups. You will learn more from:

Tomáš Oršula, Trama Head of IP
Martina Ninajova, Trama Legal Mind

Simona Uhrinová, Legal Mind

Andrea Štíbrová, Legal Mind
Marek Brada, Legal Mind

Dalibor Černý, Legal Mind
Tomáš Richter Urban, Head of Crypto Desk

Juraj Šándor, Head of Slovak Desk
Lenka Letková, Legal Mind

Ondřej Zemek, Head of Czech Desk
Adam Konečný, Legal Mind

Marek Križka, CEO
Stephen Ruotsi, Head of US Desk


Describe your legal-tech idea (short pitch): Imagine you want to create an innovation in law – a legal-tech product. What would it be? What would it look like? Where would you get the money? Describe your idea max on one A4.

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