Data Tracking with Daniar Rusnak (Savvy with Sparring)

Learn more about data tracking and data protection in our latest episode with Daniar Rusnak, Co-Founder of DataCop.

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How well do you know your customers? Do you only know how many people visit your website, or do you truly understand their behaviour and how it powers your business?

In this episode Annabel discusses the competitive advantages of data tracking with Daniar Rusnak, Co-Founder of DataCop, a growth hacking agency for digital companies. They addressed: 

  • How to get started with data tracking
  • Data protection basics all founders should know
  • How companies will track users in light of industry changes, such as iOS 14.5 and the end of the third party cookie in Chrome by 2022.

They also highlight what is personal data, why you might need a record of processing operations and what to include and legal bases for processing data under GDPR.  

Learn more about data tracking and GDPR

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