A Startup Law Podcast: Welcome to Savvy with Sparring

The Playbook has a podcast! Marian and Marek discuss which issues founders are facing, and why they knew Playbook would be a solution…

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Savvy by Sparring is a podcast where we reveal the stories founders, investors and other startup ecosystem players face when they do not consider legal questions at an early stage. Get your startup off the ground with business inspiration, meshed with legalities, including how startups incorporated, protected their works and raised funds in a (legally) smart way. In this post, we highlight what is addressed in our introduction episode with Majo Porvažník and Marek Križka.

Founders desire to move fast and reach their full potential. However, how can they do that when valuable information necessary for their growth is out of reach? Legal advice is typically expensive, confusing or even hard to find. However Sparring is looking to change that. In the introduction of Savvy with Sparring, Majo Porvažník and Marek Križka, Co-Founders of Sparring, explain why making legal more accessible for early stage startups is needed. 

They introduce:

  • What legal support do founders need? 
  • What legal support is currently available? 
  • What is the Sparring Playbook and how can legal advice learn from the technology world?   
  • How can clear templates be helpful? 
  • How could legal advice for founders improve? 
  • And how Sparring “grew from the tears of CEE founders”

Savvy with Sparring is currently available on Spotify and we would love to hear what you think!